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Honestly, I’m going to pretend like this embarrassingly long hiatus never happened. 

I’ve never been this busy and since I’ve got a few minutes to spare - while the little one slumbers - I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to! I seem to have developed short term amnesia and don’t remember if I’ve already mentioned that I’ve started selling made-to-order custom studded baby converse. Have I? With that said, orders for both shoes and jewelry have started pouring and I’m drowning in work but loving it. Finding time to photograph and put up my new pieces on the webstore has proven to be nearly impossible but I’m determined to do so some time next week. I’ve got lots of new jewelry to show off - two of which I’m wearing in the photos shown - these are part of my Bandit series, a minie collection I recently completed. More to come later.

On another note… dude. I can’t believe Ursula’s going to be five months old tomorrow. That’s nuckin’ futs.  

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